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LaSedia s.r.l continues the tradition of one of the early factories arose in Manzano, founded in 1936 by Luigi Bolzicco, and is still run by the same family. The production and operating site has been obtained from the old mill blades of ‘900. The building was expanded, renovated and streamlined for the production of articles of furniture, but has maintained original appearance and period features. The first items produced were the clothes which were exported in large quantities in the U.S. of the ’60s. Then came the deck-chairs, still in production today, which were used to decorate prestigious cruise ships. Later, starting from the study of a “basic” folding seat, took shape our catalog, periodically enriched and renewed with new and more advanced items. Love for wood-working beginning of the last century, we have learned to take care of different types of materials and today our products are able to meet the needs of customers around the world.


The company is dedicated to working with wood ever since. The same passion with which half a century ago, the hand-manipulated, now put in the care of the product, looking for innovative solutions and customer satisfaction. The product is closely followed, by careful selection of raw materials to constant checks at every stage of manufacture, testing to meet quality assurance and safety in force today, the eco-compatible paints for a better environment. Not to mention the use of other materials, to make youth seating and alternative solutions, suitable for modern living.


LaSedia s.r.l., leading provider of folding chairs and tables, offers a wide range of household products, outdoor and contract, in addition to supplies for institutions and communities. The products in the catalog include chairs, tables and accessories, all folding. Product quality, precise and accurate service, attention to customer requests, we have been proven throughout the world. Today, more than 50% of production is present in major foreign markets, a concrete recognition of the productive capacity of LaSedia s.r.l, which is characterized by a strong flexibility. In fact, the company creates chairs and tables both the catalog and on the customer’s design.